Reflection Park


My SnapChat story from about four months ago. I was at this place for an event and the board Reflection Park caught my eye and out of curiosity I went in only to return in disappointment of not finding a clear pond of water or a mirror. *facepalm* And then I tell my friend about it, to know what a Reflection Park was. and showed me the board in the following picture.


Funny, right? I can be silly sometimes. But then that I figured what it actually is, I started thinking about it, or should I say “reflecting“?

How easy it is for us to go with minimum processing of thoughts and words, not seeing their impact or that of our actions. Looking back at some things I did, I realize how I am where I am because of them, or some people or things are with me and not. I reflect as I type this, reflect about my actions and words, reflect about the things to do and not to, for example, reflect about not procrastinating, how I did to post this, making up my mind today finally, three months since I first came up with this thought. And now that I complete this, there’s more things I remember.

I reflect.



  1. for all future time; for always.
  2. continually
  1. lasting or permanent.

Quite a word. Time and infinity. Holds within itself so much meaning, doesn’t it?

My perception of forever, however, is something different, something relative. For me, it doesn’t mean always. Thinking about it that way ruins the beauty of the word. Expecting forever to mean always, is unfair. Apparently, we hold it responsible for, among other things, promises. Then of course, there’s times like, “You took forever to get here!”. Unfair to use it this way, but it does convey what we want to say.

True, isn’t it? The first thought of forever is about promises, something not always taken as seriously as it should be. We sometimes come across things and people, so beautiful, we want them in our lives forever. But destiny may have planned otherwise. We don’t always get what we want, how we want it, right?

Does your all-time-favorite t-shirt still fit you? Don’t you wish it would be new and your size again? Your toys you wanted to keep forever, are they still around? Your friends who take forever to get dressed for a movie, have they gotten any better? Your best friend who you called your BFF, still with you on the same terms? Your first girlfriend/boyfriend, with whom you made vows of being together forever, still with you? I’d have more instances as these, but I guess I’m yet to come across them. (PS. I really wish the best to whoever’s answering these questions with a ‘YES’. Also, I envy you.) No? Do you still mean the same when you say forever, now? Does it make sense anymore?

People and things in our lives are temporary. Not everyone’s here to stay. Not everything lasts. Expecting them to stay with us forever smothers the beauty of it all. Likewise, wanting to keep something with us or stay with someone forever can be the same. The way I see it, it’s best to do our bit, spread some love and happiness in the lives of people around us and leave, if or when we have to.

Move forward, spread your energy wherever you go. Make the time in each other’s lives worth the while. Let your forever be relative.



Was it worth the pain?
The mountains climbed, the rivers crossed.
Did you find what you were looking for?
Or are you lost?

Almost 22 now, seems like a long time here sometimes, sometimes feels like nothing. It’s been quite a bumpy ride so far and it doesn’t look any less bumpy ahead. That’s what it is to be like, isn’t it? After all, where’s the fun in plain old normal days.

Anything we do is like a mission, an adventure. May it be literally climbing mountains or passing exams. Nothing comes without effort, without a plan. Nothing comes without hard work and pain. It’s all about what we’re ready to do achieve something, to accomplish a mission.

Not to forget the people around us. Each one has a mission of their own, maybe simpler than our own, maybe harder. All we should do is encourage and give each other the push we need. It doesn’t matter if these people are our  beloveds or strangers. We help each other when low, celebrate the highs.

Sometimes though, we get lost. We tend to fumble away and deviate from that mission. There’s so many things that make this happen. I wouldn’t entirely blame these distractions, because we still go to them in our right minds. They’re always around. It’s all about how we manage ourselves, right?

We’re on an adventure now and we see the peak from the foots. We have a few little hills to climb, streams and rivers to cross, until we reach the peak. These hills and rivers may only slow us down, but not stop us. We are strong enough to get past them. We climb, we swim, we run. Sometimes we rest, too. But we don’t stop looking up at the peak. Not unless we get there. Plant that flag of success. And look around at how we’ve made our way there.

Then, we look up.

Because, it doesn’t stop here. There’s a long way to go…

IMG_20150118_165228830_HDR edit

That one step.

JUMP! What’s the worse that can happen?

Every being starts as a baby-something. Every kind has it’s own phases of growing up. Every being grows up to be something/somebody. Everything that happens, every person we meet creates an impact on us. We change based on circumstances. We may not be the teenager we dreamed to be, as a child looking at our peers. We may not be the adult we dreamed to be, as a teenager sipping a beer. We may not be the retiree we dreamed to be, as an adult at our office desk. But we are who we are.

We are the scar from jumping over the wall which we underestimated the height of. We are the field of study we chose under pressure of family or friends. We are the job we quit because we wanted to be our own bosses. We are each step we took, not worrying too much about consequences. We are the bro, who said “JUMP! What’s the worse that can happen?”

jump(Image credits to whoever.)

Look back at where you came from. Look at what you have become. Look back at all the risks you took. Look back at the people you met. Look back at your mistakes and failures. Look back at your successes. Look back at all your highs and lows. Would your today be the same, had they not happened? Do you regret any of it? DON’T! Pat your back, instead. You’ve come a long way and have become you. Go on, take risks, do whatever-the-ef you want!

Because, it all depends on that one step!

You matter!

Ever wondered what a world without you, would be like? What would your friends do? Your family, your pet, other people around you?

We live each day so ordinarily, not thinking much about the little things we do. What we don’t realize is that if didn’t be the way we are, didn’t do the things we do, the world around us wouldn’t have been the same. If Edison hadn’t invented the bulb, would we have had the current technology of lights? If Newton hadn’t made anything of the falling apple, would we have had all the knowledge that followed? Well, maybe we wish he hadn’t. But anyway, why am I talking about history and physics? Coming to the less ordinary things. Have you ever looked back at that old man you offered your seat to? The lady next door, whose bags you carried? Maybe if you hadn’t, someone else would have. Maybe not? But your simple action would’ve led to a chain of events that affected the world and in turn, you. Maybe the old man went and told his son about you, who in turn forwarded the gesture to another old man. Maybe your neighbor offered you something she cooked that noon. Maybe not. But does that matter?

We may not think much of those trivial actions, but they make a difference. If you ever feel worthless, look back at the simplest of your actions. The old man, the neighbor, who smiled because of you. Your classmate who made it to 35 because of that one topic you explained to him. Your friend who you helped get over an ex. Your pet to whom you come home to everyday. Yes, you matter to them. Nothing you ever did, are doing or will do goes unaccounted for.

So, think. Recall. Look back or look forth. Smile. Because,


(Image credits: Whoever)


And so, the villagers gathered at the square bringing with them tokens of their faith. Among others was an eight year old, with an umbrella.

Most success stories we come across, have a few things in common. Hard work, perseverance and determination maybe the ones more noticeable, but hope is something which keeps the above together. Hope is that light at the end of a tunnel; a hand held out to pick you up from a fall; the spine of every effort. Hope is what the eight year old had.

Hope can take any form. For some, it’s God who answers prayers. When all roads seem to lead nowhere, He shows you the right one. For some, it maybe a person to call home; going back to that person at the end of the day, however good or bad it may have been. For children, it may be Santa, getting them what they wish for. Hope is a milestone, telling you your destination is getting closer.


Does it? I think it’s true, sometimes. But isn’t it what keeps us going? The insanity or obsession to pursue a dream, I think, is worthwhile if it leads us to making them true. Living each day, not knowing whether tomorrow exists, yet we work, dream and plan for it. If that isn’t hope, what is?

PS: The above GIF is from The Shawshank Redemption. Give it a watch.

Stay insane. Stay hopeful!

Be you!

“The things you own end up owning you. It’s only after you lose everything that you’re free to do anything.” – Chuck Palahniuk, Fight Club.

The world today is a strange place. We chase things we don’t need to impress people we don’t care about. And in this run, we lose ourselves and ignore the things we really want.

In my case, it was quite a roll. I’m currently pursuing Engineering in Computer Science as I had always dreamed of, as a child. But in time, I forgot why I was doing what I was doing. Engineering became a study-thing and for quite a long time, I did nothing more to fulfill my dream. But when I look back now, I see the change that happened in me, the reasons that brought about the change.

All it takes is a simple, but not so simple, self-introspection. Complicated? Yeah! In simple words, listen to yourself. No one knows you better than yourself. Stop trying to impress anyone but yourself. People will always judge you, but the scores they have for you won’t matter. In the end, all that matters is that you can look into a mirror and say, “I’m happy!”