And so, the villagers gathered at the square bringing with them tokens of their faith. Among others was an eight year old, with an umbrella.

Most success stories we come across, have a few things in common. Hard work, perseverance and determination maybe the ones more noticeable, but hope is something which keeps the above together. Hope is that light at the end of a tunnel; a hand held out to pick you up from a fall; the spine of every effort. Hope is what the eight year old had.

Hope can take any form. For some, it’s God who answers prayers. When all roads seem to lead nowhere, He shows you the right one. For some, it maybe a person to call home; going back to that person at the end of the day, however good or bad it may have been. For children, it may be Santa, getting them what they wish for. Hope is a milestone, telling you your destination is getting closer.


Does it? I think it’s true, sometimes. But isn’t it what keeps us going? The insanity or obsession to pursue a dream, I think, is worthwhile if it leads us to making them true. Living each day, not knowing whether tomorrow exists, yet we work, dream and plan for it. If that isn’t hope, what is?

PS: The above GIF is from The Shawshank Redemption. Give it a watch.

Stay insane. Stay hopeful!