You matter!

Ever wondered what a world without you, would be like? What would your friends do? Your family, your pet, other people around you?

We live each day so ordinarily, not thinking much about the little things we do. What we don’t realize is that if didn’t be the way we are, didn’t do the things we do, the world around us wouldn’t have been the same. If Edison hadn’t invented the bulb, would we have had the current technology of lights? If Newton hadn’t made anything of the falling apple, would we have had all the knowledge that followed? Well, maybe we wish he hadn’t. But anyway, why am I talking about history and physics? Coming to the less ordinary things. Have you ever looked back at that old man you offered your seat to? The lady next door, whose bags you carried? Maybe if you hadn’t, someone else would have. Maybe not? But your simple action would’ve led to a chain of events that affected the world and in turn, you. Maybe the old man went and told his son about you, who in turn forwarded the gesture to another old man. Maybe your neighbor offered you something she cooked that noon. Maybe not. But does that matter?

We may not think much of those trivial actions, but they make a difference. If you ever feel worthless, look back at the simplest of your actions. The old man, the neighbor, who smiled because of you. Your classmate who made it to 35 because of that one topic you explained to him. Your friend who you helped get over an ex. Your pet to whom you come home to everyday. Yes, you matter to them. Nothing you ever did, are doing or will do goes unaccounted for.

So, think. Recall. Look back or look forth. Smile. Because,


(Image credits: Whoever)