That one step.

JUMP! What’s the worse that can happen?

Every being starts as a baby-something. Every kind has it’s own phases of growing up. Every being grows up to be something/somebody. Everything that happens, every person we meet creates an impact on us. We change based on circumstances. We may not be the teenager we dreamed to be, as a child looking at our peers. We may not be the adult we dreamed to be, as a teenager sipping a beer. We may not be the retiree we dreamed to be, as an adult at our office desk. But we are who we are.

We are the scar from jumping over the wall which we underestimated the height of. We are the field of study we chose under pressure of family or friends. We are the job we quit because we wanted to be our own bosses. We are each step we took, not worrying too much about consequences. We are the bro, who said “JUMP! What’s the worse that can happen?”

jump(Image credits to whoever.)

Look back at where you came from. Look at what you have become. Look back at all the risks you took. Look back at the people you met. Look back at your mistakes and failures. Look back at your successes. Look back at all your highs and lows. Would your today be the same, had they not happened? Do you regret any of it? DON’T! Pat your back, instead. You’ve come a long way and have become you. Go on, take risks, do whatever-the-ef you want!

Because, it all depends on that one step!


2 thoughts on “That one step.

  1. Taking a risk is risky, but not taking a risk is even riskier; the “What if’s” are really unimaginable demons that haunt the well-being of humans.

    Really well written, The one step you take can mould you into something you have not thought of even in your wildest dreams. Cheers ✌️😁


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