Was it worth the pain?
The mountains climbed, the rivers crossed.
Did you find what you were looking for?
Or are you lost?

Almost 22 now, seems like a long time here sometimes, sometimes feels like nothing. It’s been quite a bumpy ride so far and it doesn’t look any less bumpy ahead. That’s what it is to be like, isn’t it? After all, where’s the fun in plain old normal days.

Anything we do is like a mission, an adventure. May it be literally climbing mountains or passing exams. Nothing comes without effort, without a plan. Nothing comes without hard work and pain. It’s all about what we’re ready to do achieve something, to accomplish a mission.

Not to forget the people around us. Each one has a mission of their own, maybe simpler than our own, maybe harder. All we should do is encourage and give each other the push we need. It doesn’t matter if these people are our  beloveds or strangers. We help each other when low, celebrate the highs.

Sometimes though, we get lost. We tend to fumble away and deviate from that mission. There’s so many things that make this happen. I wouldn’t entirely blame these distractions, because we still go to them in our right minds. They’re always around. It’s all about how we manage ourselves, right?

We’re on an adventure now and we see the peak from the foots. We have a few little hills to climb, streams and rivers to cross, until we reach the peak. These hills and rivers may only slow us down, but not stop us. We are strong enough to get past them. We climb, we swim, we run. Sometimes we rest, too. But we don’t stop looking up at the peak. Not unless we get there. Plant that flag of success. And look around at how we’ve made our way there.

Then, we look up.

Because, it doesn’t stop here. There’s a long way to go…

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