1. for all future time; for always.
  2. continually
  1. lasting or permanent.

Quite a word. Time and infinity. Holds within itself so much meaning, doesn’t it?

My perception of forever, however, is something different, something relative. For me, it doesn’t mean always. Thinking about it that way ruins the beauty of the word. Expecting forever to mean always, is unfair. Apparently, we hold it responsible for, among other things, promises. Then of course, there’s times like, “You took forever to get here!”. Unfair to use it this way, but it does convey what we want to say.

True, isn’t it? The first thought of forever is about promises, something not always taken as seriously as it should be. We sometimes come across things and people, so beautiful, we want them in our lives forever. But destiny may have planned otherwise. We don’t always get what we want, how we want it, right?

Does your all-time-favorite t-shirt still fit you? Don’t you wish it would be new and your size again? Your toys you wanted to keep forever, are they still around? Your friends who take forever to get dressed for a movie, have they gotten any better? Your best friend who you called your BFF, still with you on the same terms? Your first girlfriend/boyfriend, with whom you made vows of being together forever, still with you? I’d have more instances as these, but I guess I’m yet to come across them. (PS. I really wish the best to whoever’s answering these questions with a ‘YES’. Also, I envy you.) No? Do you still mean the same when you say forever, now? Does it make sense anymore?

People and things in our lives are temporary. Not everyone’s here to stay. Not everything lasts. Expecting them to stay with us forever smothers the beauty of it all. Likewise, wanting to keep something with us or stay with someone forever can be the same. The way I see it, it’s best to do our bit, spread some love and happiness in the lives of people around us and leave, if or when we have to.

Move forward, spread your energy wherever you go. Make the time in each other’s lives worth the while. Let your forever be relative.