Not your average 21 year old guy, writing on topics that pop up on any day, while I ride to college, dream during a lecture or on a sleepless night.

Our mind is a playhouse. Our thoughts are like those little carefree children running around in a playhouse. All that we hear from it are giggles and laughter. But as grown ups we take things way too seriously and miss out on all the fun we could’ve had otherwise. The things we do to impress others, stress us out. Then, why do them?

I’ve always been a follower of dreams, the kind of dreams we have in broad daylight, with our eyes wide open. It keeps me happy. I don’t wait to see what people want me to do because, haters gonna hate, right? Read through my posts if you think you believe in dreams or have been drifting away doing things you don’t enjoy doing.



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